Matching process

Matching Families with their Educator

In "Home-based Childcare", the most important aspect of your enrolment process is the matching of family and Educator. A successful match often means a long and comfortable relationship that has meaning to the child, Educator and the family. The core to successful matching is shared beliefs and values.

To ensure we can provide each family with the right candidates, we ask each family and Educator to complete matching questionnaire


How long does it take to match families and Educators together?

  • Approximately 1 month is suggested but the time frame will be dependent on each individual family and Educator’s needs. The matching process is about carefully listening to the needs of our Educators and families and bringing together the people whom best fit each other’s needs.

Once the information is assessed we offer each family and Educator the opportunity to meet. All meetings are about the opportunity to talk and determine if you are the right fit for each other. These meetings can happen with one of our ECE qualified Coordinator present if you prefer. However we do suggest the following:

  • Try to meet as many families or Educators as possible. This will ensure you are happy with your final decision.
  • Nestlings will be happy to look for further applicants or families to meet, ensuring we make the right match.