Q. Parent Q & A's

How do I choose an Educator/Nanny?

A visiting teacher known as your Coordinator will assist you to find the best match for you and your family. This will include an interview in your own home and an opportunity for you to meet a selection of Educators/Nannies for you to choose from.

What Training does my Educator/Nanny have?

Our Educators have a range of training, e.g. Diploma of Early Childhood Education Teaching, Play centre training, and many are parents themselves. Currently all New Zealand Home-Based educators will have a minimum qualification of level 4 ECE training or are working toward this. 

What experience does my Educator/Nanny have?

Each Educator must have background suitable to working with childcare. This may be a qualified primary school teacher or a stay at home mum returning to work. We work to find an Educator with skills and qualifications that meets your family’s needs and aspirations.

All Educators are required to hold a Current First Aid Certificate.

Who will my child spend time with?

The Educator, possibly members of the Educator's family, other Educators and children they have in their care, your Visiting Coordinator, other children and adults at group outings such as playgroups.

Will there be pets?

Possibly. This will part of the matching process, your Visiting Coordinator will ask for your preference on this.

What is the cost and can I get any WINZ subsidy or 20 hours ECE?

Yes and yes!  The Ministry of Education 20 hours ECE and WINZ funding are available to those who qualify. Follow this link for further information. Educators charges depend on experience and requirements of care. To find out current educator and nanny rates click here

How will I know what my child has been doing?

Educators enjoy sharing with parents what your child has been up to! Normally informal conversations occur when you drop off and pick up your child. Written feedback is through your child's Daily Journal and their Educa online learning story portfolio. This will include photos, a description of what your child has been involved in, art work, learning goals and outcomes for your child. Educators really appreciate the parents input into this. This book will become a family treasure - children love reading about themselves!

What places will my child visit?

Educators use the local community for experience such as feeding ducks, museum and library visits, playgroups, music groups, gardens, supermarket, banks, post office, and more. This is the beauty and value of home-based care. There may be further opportunities for excursions to special educational events like the zoo. Please note that any fee paying visits will be at your expense.

What happens if my Educator/Nanny is sick?

Where possible you will be offered care with another Educator (back up care). If another caregiver is available it will still be your choice, as you will need to consider distance and routine.

Can I choose the hours I want?

Yes. Again this is part of the matching process, finding an Educator who is able to match your family's requirements. We recommend a minimum of 9 hours per week as this helps your child settle and develop a sense of belonging.

Do you provide all the equipment my child will need?

Yes! All we ask is that you leave a car seat with your Educator for the day. Most children bring their own food but Educators can provide food if requested, at extra cost.

How are the homes are kept safe for my child?

All Educators homes are checked regularly by the Visiting Coordinator. Nestlings has rigorous checks in place to ensure all homes meet the Early Childhood Regulations.


Q. How to get Support?

Nestlings staff are all qualified early childhood teachers who have a range of backgrounds and knowledge. All our Coordinators are available to help meet the needs of your family. We have access to many amazing agencies and services, as well as our own 25 years of teaching experience.